Jour/Né - Women's Spring/Summer Collection 2019 with Interviews

Designers: Jerry Journo, Léa Sebban and Lou Menais.Inspiration: A date in Ibiza at the Mar Y Sol Café, after a day at the beach, women get ready to go for some drinks in the evening… or for the whole night.Collection: light dresses, tunics and trousers with tie-dye prints developed by the designers on silk, cotton and jersey in warm tones surrounding orange, yellow and red. Wave prints appear on suit Bermudas. Swimsuits inspired by the 60s with frills can be seen under long dresses. Green flower embroideries become slightly transparent.Note: Vegetable prints especially on shirts + the flagship t-shirt of the brand with the days of the week revisited with fringes of beads.Interview with Jerry Journo:It’s the end of an evening, the beginning of a day, it’s how this begins and it’s like following a day that we normally go through. We play with different materials, different colours and also different forms.Interview with Léa Sebban: We made swimsuits inspired by the 60s with frills and elastic to really create something comfortable but sexy at the same time.We developed our own prints on silk, workwear and jersey. They are inspired by tie-dye and so we wanted fluidity whilst at the same time some more rigid forms to be able to mix the two. We have shades representing the sunset with waves in orange tones that really represent sunsets, so the idea of warmth and the sun, that’s all.Music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).

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