Calvin Klein Collection fashion show - MENSWEAR Collection Autumn-Winter 2016/17 Milan

Energetic and dynamic, the Calvin Klein collection stands out by playing with volumes for the parkas, bombers and using metallic colours (gold, silver, copper).Designer: Italo ZucchelliSilhouettes: the suits have a soft sensuality, worn simply with t-shirts and marked at the waist.Fabrics: luxurious look with numerous cashmeres, wool and silk.Please note: new accessories for men - earrings and pendants.At the beginning: hysterical fans welcomed Cameron Dallas, an American social media star with millions of followers (9 million), who was sitting front row for the show. Interviews :Italo Zucchelli : I actually started with the colours because I wanted to do something initially black and white and metallic and the three metals, which are the three main metals that you see in alchemy. The inspiration was alchemy for that, where you have this philosophy about the transformation of the metals into gold and that’s how I started. But also the sensuality, I wanted to show the suits in a very informal way, so that’s why I showed them with bare chests on men and women, just to enhance the sensuality and sexiness.The fabrics are lighter and the shapes more comfortable and I put a lot of tailoring in because I wanted to make that statement.I just wanted to express the universal power of tailoring, no matter where it is, in a very effortless way, without too much philosophy about it, you know what I mean?Cameron Dallas : It was awesome, it was a really really amazing. It was my first experience. There was one jacket that I really liked, it was the white and gold.Music of the show

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