Calvin Klein Collection - Menswear fashion show Fall / Winter 2013/14

Layers, embossed designs, brilliance, Italo Zucchelli's collection respects Calvin Klein's DNA, the perfect balance between classic forms, sportswear and technical materials. In a palette dominated by black and gray, the cuts of the suits are precise, the silhouette is adjusted, without being slim, while the trousers are soft and elegant. But the laser cuts, the thermobonding and the knitwear treated in a quilted appearance give them a futuristic vision. Just like the many pockets, on the refined coats and trousers, which finish to perfect a look that's both sporty and chic at the same time.

Music from the fashion show

Italo Zucchelli : Before, I probably come up with a concept and then I start with the fabrics because they're important for me and colours at the same time. The designing comes a little bit after, but I would say yes I start with the initial concept of what I want to say, what I want to create.

It's just a word, a form of sportswear, today I believe that our lifestyle is very fast, we travel a lot, we work, we go to parties, we go to dinner, we go here and there, and we want to wear clothes that can represent us and we don't have to change many times in a day, especially for a man, and that are easy to wear at the same time, not too formal, not too sporty, elegant but not too tied up, and that was my starting point, and that's what this collection is about.

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